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2015-16 Educational Grants

Since 2002 the Foundation has donated $165,000 to fund more than 225 district projects. Grants from the Foundation help to bring a wide variety of hands on programs and projects which enhance student learning, as well as supply additional materials to Oak Hills’ students and staff. This past year student, faculty and the Foundation have been busy with a number of projects throughout the district. We would like to share all of the great stuff that happened in our buildings last year thanks to the Foundation and your generosity.



J.F. Dulles Elementary

School Musical: Pajama Game & A Kid's Life: Alison Rack

If you've been to Dulles lately, you would know that there are some rising stars in our district, and last semester the Foundation was able to help these stars with their productions of the Pajama Game and A Kid’s Life. Don’t miss the photos of their wonderful cast and crew.

pajamagamedulles dulleskidslife

Visibility leads to value: Stacie Kearns

The hallways at Dulles turned into galleries this past year, as art strips were installed throughtout the school to showcase student artwork. Have you walked the halls of Dulles recently? Be sure to check out the artwork when you do!

artstripsdulles1 artstripsdulles2

Springmyer Elementary

S.M.A.S.H (Springmyer Movers and Shakers) makes a difference: Mary Ernst and Janette Wuestefeld 

SMASH (Springmyer Movers and SHakers) are making a difference in our community! Students assembled blankets, made snack bags for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House and created dog toys for a local shelter. Check out our how these students are making a difference.

Linus_and_Bags_004 springmyerSMASH2

Superhero literacy night: Michelle Ellis

Students, parents and staff of Springmyer were able to enjoy the “Every Hero has a Story” literacy night last year. This event made literacy more fun by incorporating iconic superheros, and it was a hit! The students were excited about the activities and loved the superhero theme. Teachers even got into the spirit too! Were you a reading superhero? See who is in our photos.

literacynightspg1 literacynightspg2

Annual science festival: Diane Criswell

Science can be hard, but the teachers at Springmyer strive to connect real world science to students through inquiry. This year the annual science festival was a hit with lots of hands-on activities and experiments. Take a minute and scan our photos for a future scientist!

springmyerscience springmyerscience2



Oakdale Elementary

Musicals: Jingle All the Way (1st grade), Bugz (2nd grade) and Dig It (Ovation Choir): Teresa McKnight

Oakdale has been busy this past year with their musical productions, made possible through a grant from the Foundation, including Jingle All the Way (1st grade), Bugz (2nd grade) and Dig it (Ovation Choir). Don’t worry if you missed the shows, you can see our talented crew in these photos.

 oakdaleplay4oakdaleplay3 oakdaleplay2 oakdaleplay

Books on the Run: Stephanie Enzweiler 

The first grade students at Oakdale Elementary had the opportunity to take age appropriate books home last year. These Books on the Run, helped them complete their required reading logs and work on fluency. They loved the take-home pouches too! You’ll see happy kids in these photos; those smiles don’t lie.


COSI outreach program: Cheryl Kilgore

Students loved the COSI assembly at Oakdale Elementary this year, and even had the chance to participate in small group breakout sessions. Everyone was able to participate and enjoy the hands-on activities.

cosi2 cosi

4th grade bookclub: Brandy Tudor

It’s a book club! Fourth grade Oakdake students, who met twice a week after school, loved reading the books purchased by the Foundation. The new books allowed the students to explore new authors and genres and have some great discussions about what they read. Here are a few photos of the boys and girls expressing their love for reading.


Little Hands. Big Hearts. Bridging Generations: Jennifer Budde

Fun doesn’t have an age requirement, and the second grade students from Oakdale Elementary were able to experience this first hand. Each month the children went to Hillebrand Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to play games and make crafts with the residents. The monthly visits quickly became something exciting that both the young and old looked forward to enjoying. These smiling faces show it all!

hill1 oakdalehill2


C.O. Harrison Elementary 

Handwriting without Tears

Writing is hard work, and the kindergarten Colonels at C.O. Harrison were able to receive hands-on tools to help improve their handwriting thanks to this grant. Students put their skills to use in sentence writing and worked on their penmanship. You can see how proud they are in these pictures. Way to go!

handwriting1 handwriting2



Delshire Elementary

Annie Kids: Nicole Heims and Villalobos

Stars can’t shine without some help. The Foundation helped fourth and fifth grade students at Delshire create sets and costumes for their production of Annie through this education grant. This gave students the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents either on stage or as crew member. Be sure to remember these faces, you may see them on Broadway one day!

annie1 annie2


Delhi Middle School

To Kill a Mocking Bird: Kenny Boatright

It’s not everyday students at Delhi Middle School go to Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park! Delhi Eagles had the privilege to work with the Playhouse’s assistant education director and 2002 Oak Hills graduate, Megan Alexander. With Megan, students participated in theater exercises and had dialogue in preparation for their visit to theater. In class with Mr. Boatright, they read and discussed the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. The class had a great experience seeing the live production!


Character Day at Delhi Middle School: Angie Ray

Character isn’t built in a day, but Delhi Middle School dedicated an entire school day working on team building, bully prevention and the dangers of social media so that students could work on skills outside of normal classroom curriculum.


Action Hour: Maggie Kays and Tessa Keyes

Education and empowerment are the key elements for change, and Delhi Middle School students are taking steps to leave a lasting impact on our local community. Last year students participated in action hour, where they learned how to investigate the world, recognize perspectives, take action and communicate their ideas to a diverse audience. We are excited to see how our Highlanders use their new skills to improve the world around them in the future. Look at these photos from their day of learning.


Camp Campbell Gard: Maggie Kays and Tessa Keyes

Delhi Middle School 7th graders learned more about themselves and teamwork this past year at Camp Campbell Gard. Not to mention they had a blast!


Queen City Clay: Mary Baumgartner

Art club student took a field trip to Queen City Clay last year and had the chance to try a different genre of art. After throwing some clay on pottery wheels, the students were able to create a variety of different pieces resulting in beautiful work. Check out these photos and see our talented artists!




Oak Hills High School

Rain Barrel art project: Jamie Schorsch

Oak Hills art teachers and students were hard at work this year working on a creative and educational project to promote the use of rain barrels throughout the Ohio River Valley. By creating beautiful and unique rain barrels, students aimed to raise interest and educate people on environmental issues like water conservation. The barrels were then displayed and auctioned off at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in April. Look at these functional works of art in the pictures below!

rainbarrel1 rbarrel2 rbarrel3