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2016-17 Educational Grants

Since 2002 the Foundation has donated $165,000 to fund more than 225 district projects. Grants from the Foundation help to bring a wide variety of hands on programs and projects which enhance student learning, as well as supply additional materials to Oak Hills’ students and staff. This past year student, faculty and the Foundation have been busy with a number of projects throughout the district. We would like to share all of the great stuff that happened in our buildings last year thanks to the Foundation and your generosity.


Bridgetown Middle School

Aladdin, Jr. the Musical: Chelsea Sweatman

The Bridgetown Bobcats worked hard to put on a stunning performance of Aladdin Jr. We can’t wait to see their next big show!

                       Aladdin2 aladdin3










C.O Harrison Elementary School

Multicultrual books for English Language learners: Christine Theobald

This year C.O. Harrison was able to purchase new books to update and expand their library. This multicultural literature helps to instill a sense of multicultural identity for those families who may be from another country, and supports positive self imagery.These new reads are sure to inspire the young Colonels to pick up a new book.


Pen Pals with a Purpose: Christine Nordquist

Students made real-life connections in their writing when they had the chance to meet their senior pen pals face-to-face in December. Members of the Evergreen/Wellspring Retirement Community treated students to lunch. During the visit theywere able to talk to their pen pals, sing carols, learn cheers from the University ofCincinnati dance team and meet Santa Claus.

Nord.PenPals3 Nord.Penpals2

Schoolhouse Rock: Alan Greeb

This May, the music students will be performing the musical Schoolhouse Rock.We look forward to seeing our future stars take the stage!


Delhi Middle School

Action Hour: Maggie Kays & Tessa Keyes

Education and empowerment are the key elements for change, and Delhi MiddleSchool students are taking steps to leave a lasting impact on our local community. Students are working hard in this year’s Action Hour, where they learned how to investigate the world, recognize perspectives, take action and communicate their ideas to a diverse audience. Thanks to an education grant from the Foundation, the students will use their new skills to improve the world around them.

                actionhour3 actionhour4







Camp Campbell Gard: 7th grade teaching team

The seventh grade Eagles learned more about themselves and teamwork this yearat Camp Campbell Gard. This overnight field trip included activities like the ropescourse, archery, cooperative games and the Amazing Race Challenge. The students had a blast!


Character Day: Angie RayClay

Some skills aren’t learned in the classroom, so students at Delhi Middle School tookthe day to work together in other areas of the building. The focus of their work wason bullying prevention and the dangers of social media and to foster team building.



Queen City Clay:Mary Baumgartner

Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to make something beautiful, andstudents from Delhi Middle School were able to practice a new art medium doingjust that! In March the class took a trip to Queen City Clay, where they practicedworking on a clay wheel. They loved the chance to try something new and create art.

                Copy_of_DSC_0139 Copy_of_DSC_0147







Much Ado About Nothing: Kenny Boatright

Eighth grade English students were able to attend the performance of Much Ado About Nothing at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. The grant allowed studentsto have the books to read and experience the play!


Delshire Elementary School

Musicals: Nicole Heims & Hillary Villalobos

The Delshire Dragons have been flexing their vocal strength this year with four different musicals! This year’s productions included: Let’s all Sing Halloween Songs,Candy Cane Lane, Pirates 2: The Hidden Treasure and The Lights of Freedom.

 1st_grade_picture_2 Pirates

Snack Sacks: Amanda Berling-Waits

This grant provides weekly food for weekends and food boxes during school breaksfor 20 students. This is the second year of the program at Delshire. Each sack is packed with kid-friendly, nutrient rich, shelf-stable food items. These Snack Sacks provide healthy options such as whole grain cereals, juice, sunflower seeds and oatmeal bars to our Dragons.

                      OHHS_Chorus__1 Kimmie







J.F. Dulles Elementary School

Girls on the Run: Counrtney Valerius

Getting fit and giving back—the JFD Girls on the Run is a club aimed at building confidence in young girls, while giving back to the community. They spread their love of reading to Dulles kindergarten classes. The Bears were able to donate books to their young classmates and to other local Girls on the Run clubs to share with kids in need.

Girlsontherun1 girlsontherun2

Only One You: Stacie Kearns

Everyone is unique, and students at Dulles learned how cool that can be. This yearthey read the book Only One You and had the opportunity to create their own uniquefish that hung in the school hallway. This collaborative art project showed that each student can make a difference in their surrounding and how beautiful ‘unique’ can be.

Onlyoneyou1 onlyoneyou2

Musicals and Choral Productions: Alison Rack

Dulles was able to host several choral productions and musicals this year thanks to their grant. We loved seeing the students on stage in How Does your Garden Groove, Dig it! and Elflandia



Oak Hills High School

First Robotics Compeition: Dan Boles

Robotics has taken off this year at Oak Hills High School. More than 30 students havebeen working hard to engineer, build, program and fi nance the Oak Hills Scot Bot forits FIRST Robotics competition that was held in Chicago, IL in April. The Foundation was excited to support the ScotBot team in competition. The team has advanced to the world competition in St. Louis, MO!

scotbot scotbot2

Sharing Literacy: Jami Woy

Students in Honors Spanish 4 wrote and illustrated children’s books in Spanish to bedonated to underprivileged schools in rural Guatemala. The books will be donatedto schools in need of books via the COED, cooperación para la educación foundation.Students traveling with the Guatemalan exchange program this summer will also getto visit one of these elementary schools.

Woy_grant Woy_grant2

Design Lab: Dan Couch

Oak Hills High School Design students have had the opportunity to participate inDesign Lab. Design Lab is an educational program/competition with over 1,900 students in 102 classrooms across the city. This program brings professionals into theclassroom to assist in a yearly design challenge. This year students worked to redesignthe Brent Spence Bridge. This allowed them to discover the challenges and solutions to real-world problems in a collaborative environment. Students will drop off projectson April 29 to the Public Library of Cincinnati for judging and evaluation, and on May 6 they will return to the library for their results. We look forward to seeing them!
















Oakdale Elementary School

Musicals: Theresa McKnight

The students of Oakdale have had a busy year with lots of opportunities to shine! The first grade classes performed a holiday musical in December, The Littlest Reindeer,second graders had a blast with their Pajama Party and the Ovation Choir sounded terrific in their performance of Snow Biz this winter.

little_reindeer snowbiz Pajama_party2

Reading Olympics: Lynne Seaburn

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to be a rock star at reading! The students at Oakdale recently participated in the Reading Olympics. Young readers took on accelerated reading quizzes and top point earners received gold, silver or bronze awards. This reading initiative helped to encourage young readers to continue building on their reading skills and celebrated their success!

seaburn1 seaburn2

Fourth Grade Author Study: Brandy Schliesman & Heather Packer

Do you enjoy sharing a good book? The students at Oakdale sure do! The fourth gradeauthor study has been an adventure through a variety of great books, most recently abook by Elisa Carbone that centered on the settlement of Jamestown.

Schliesman-bookclub1 Schliesman-bookclub4

Rapid Run Middle School

Photo Journaling: Beth Price

The Rams at Rapid Run have taken on a new approach to improve their writing and foster creativity with their photo journaling project.

photo journalingphotojournaling2

Springmyer Elementary School

Go Fish! (second grade) & Princess and the Pea (Encore fourth and fifth grade) musicals: Tiffany Berting

Springmyer took on a classic tale this year with their performance of Princess andthe Pea. We loved their performance and fabulous costumes! The younger students enjoyed performing GoFish!

GoFish princess_and_the_pea_2

Recycling: Michelle Gratz & Mary Ernst

Springmyer Elementary is doing their part to lessen their impact on the environment.The students and staff have committed to adopting recycling programs throughoutthe school. They have been working on going green!

recycling1 recycling2

Science Festival: Sarah Bertke & Kristen Niehaus

Students of all ages got the chance to get hands-on with science! Learning is an activeprocess and the annual science festival encourages students to learn about sciencewith age-appropriate activities and experiments. Do you see a future scientist here?

sciencefestival1 sciencefestival2

SMASH: Janet Wuestefeld

This May the Springmyer Movers and SHakers (S.M.A.S.H) Leadership club will betaking on four major projects to make fl eece blankets, take away bags and create toysfor a local pet shelter. On top of their projects the students will also be taking trips to the Freestore Foodbank and Ronald McDonald House. This grant aims to teach the young leaders the joy of giving while creating lifelong memories.

2017_SMASH 2017SMASH3

"Springmyer's Got Spark: : Cyndi Anderson

The staff of Springmyer got some help inspiring good behavior, in the shape of newsupplies for their poster maker! The concept is drawn from the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports model (PBIS), where staff encourage and reinforce positive behaviors with public acknowledgement. Students who were “caught” doing positive behaviors had their names entered into a drawing for prizes and special celebrations.

SPGSpark1 SPGSpark2

Literacy Night: Beth Phillips

Reading can be tough, but at Springmyer it’s fun! ‘Cafe Literacy’ was the theme for this year’s literacy night. The evening immersed students and their families in literacy-richactivities that were bridged from school to home. Students had a great time with staff and parents.

literacycafe1 literacycafe2

Tie-Dyed T-shirts: Melissa Kautz

To end the year, the fifth grade Dragons will participate in a wearable art project! Each student will design their own tie-dyed t-shirt for field day. Not only will the students be able to express their individuality, they will also be easier to see for the parent volunteers. We know they will have a safe and fun field day this year

tiedyeshirts1 tiedyeshirts2